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is it just me or does the new Merchandise stuff sound like Third Eye Blind or that dude who did that “She’s So High” song or something

Pure X – Twisted Mirror (69 plays)

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Chance (Demo), by morewine


my old drummer Matt finally got some of his own stuff recorded. check it out.

good tune

Brian Eno – No One Receiving (175 plays)


Brian Eno - No One Receiving

I have no idea why exactly but Eno’s Before And After Science is continuously looked over when people take into account his art rock exercises from the 70’s. Sure, it wasn’t as revolutionary as Another Green World and Discreet Music two years previous, but what’s great about this album is that it takes the great moments of both those records and throws them together to then work past their original shapes to make something all it’s own. On top of that it created new sounds that predate the wet, rhythmic sonic embellishments he would gain major praise for on Talking Heads’ masterpiece Remain In Light (which people still foam at the mouth over). Before And After Science should be treated with the praise his other great works have garnered before and since. 

first half of this album is tite second half of this album is chill WHAT MORE DO YA NEED

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